What is the best bulk SMS provider in Hyderabad?

What is the best bulk SMS provider in Hyderabad? by Quora

Answer by Rahul Am:


I work as an Enterprise Messaging Gateway Architect at 2Factor.in , Thus for me best Bulk SMS Provider definition follows as,

  • One who can offer direct connectivity with TIER-1 Telcos
    – This eventually helps in minimizing delays in message delivery

    2Factor offers 2–6 seconds average delivery time.

  • One who can handle operator level delivery failures too
    – Operator level delivery failure handling refers to a mechanism, which can re-route your messages via backup operators / multiple times if temporary GSM error is encountered in the delivery

    Most messaging gateways do not have this feature in place and thus they mark your messages as ‘FAILED’ if message could not be delivered on the spot.

    2Factor supports retrial period of upto 8 hours. Meaning, if your user’s number was unreachable, there are still chances that he would receive SMS when he turns phone back on
    ( ensuring your message reaches him )

  • One who has a strict delivery SLA in place ( Trustworthy )
    – I am unsure about other messaging vendors but at 2Factor we have a strict delivery SLA ( for critical OTP messages )

    – We charge only if
    1. OTP is delivered
    2. OTP is delivered within 15 seconds
    3. OTP is delivered without fallback / fail-over logic help

    Else, user is not only refunded SMS credit, but we also re-route message via backup operators for free of cost.

  • One who offers SIMPLE ways to push messages
    – Before working at 2Factor, I personally explored several messaging service providers in India.

    With many of them, I gave up just because their APIs were too complex to understand and then integrate.

    APIs shall be simple so your developer team can easily and quickly plug them into your custom applications.

    Additionally, for Non-Tech audience ( Business guys ) their must be a simple way available to compose / schedule bulk messages

    We have taken it seriously at 2Factor.in 😉

With this, I recommend you to connect with below messaging vendors to decide upon one which suites you ( on budget + requirement )

  1. 2Factor.in ( You may connect with me at support@2factor.in )
  2. Msg91
  3. Bhash
  4. Kaps
  5. Sms Achariya

What is the best bulk SMS provider in Hyderabad?