What is promotional SMS vs. transactional SMS?

What is promotional SMS vs. transactional SMS? by Rahul Am

Answer by Rahul Am:

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In India, there are primarily two categories of messages ( as approved by TRAI, Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India )

  • Promotional Messages:
    Typically refers to any message sent for promoting / up-selling / advertising your business.

    Such messages are not delivered to users, who have registered under TRAI DND list and are delivered only between 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM to respect user’s sms preferences.

  • Ex.
    – Promotions announcing offers / discounts
    “Buy today and get 10% off on order value above INR 350/-”

    – Promotions introducing business to potential leads
    “We are the leading bulk sms providers in India. Try our services at http://2Factor.in

  • Non-Promotional / Transactional Messages:

    Typically refers to, messages sent to users as an acknowledgement to the actions performed by them on your app / website.

    Such messages are delivered to users, who have registered under TRAI DND list as well and message delivery takes place 24×7 !

  • Ex.
    – User placed an order on your website → You sending them Order confirmation message

    – User signed up with you → You sending them one time password (OTP) message

    – User requested you to alert them when XYZ event happens → You sending them alert sms on triggering event X

As you just ready correctly, Transactional Messages are delivered to DND users as well & Businesses think it as a great advantage to deliver messages to greater reach. Sometimes they send promotional messages ( intentionally / UN-intentionally ) via Transactional route, without worrying about its consequences.

TRAI has a penalty matrix, where penalty amounts vary from INR 25,000/- to INR 2,75,000/- + legal prosecution for violating TRAI DND guidelines & it also affects the telemarketer license of the messaging service provider.

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What is promotional SMS vs. transactional SMS?