SMS Gateway provider for Startup Web App in India?

SMS Gateway provider for Startup Web App in India?  ( Quora )

Answer by Rahul Am:


I believe, I can assist you with some better insights.

I work for as an Enterprise Messaging Gateway Architect at 2Factor ( To cut short, we have an experience in building enterprise grade messaging platforms from scratch

Your expectations from the gateway are just RIGHT !

  • Should have good reporting

    – You are in a right direction. This point would help you in identifying a right vendor for you
    – Most ( 98%+ ) messaging vendors offer a bare minimum delivery details, which simply tell you if the message has FAILED or DELIVERED ( and yes, our of 98% who offer bare minimum delivery report details, about 80% do not have a push mechanism to send these reports back to your server for real-time reporting )

    – I have worked in application support team as well and understand how difficult it is for them to provide explanation to their client / managers as to, why messages / OTP was not delivered ( practical reason )

    Thus we at 2Factor provide a detailed delivery report capturing standard GSM error in delivery failure ( Ref: Click Here )

  • Instant delivery (required for verification).

    – After continuous evaluation of different operators and gateway providers, the statistics gathered could tell me that “Direct Operator Connectivity” is the only way to get least latency in delivery ( suitable for phone verification – OTP use cases )

    – We have tackled this problem too at 2Factor. While the algorithm we developed is a secret sauce, I can only disclose the web reference explaining our service features. ( Ref: Click Here )
  • Well documented API.

    – As being part of the STARTUP culture ( & mainly from TECH background ) I understand how difficult it is to translate SALES REP’s hypes into practical integration code.

    – API can be well documented, given it is designed right and for simplicity.

    – I have often seen SMS gateway providers building such a nasty API , with loads of unwanted features and making API documentation pdf a worthless of 30–40 pages.

    – Our aim at 2Factor was to SIMPLIFY the process for developer and we wished to design our APIs so impler that anyone with bare minimum programming language knowledge too can understand the integration process easily.

    I would encourage to checkout our API Docs at HERE and High Level Integration flow at Here

    I would love to hear your feedback, Do ping me your queries to

SMS Gateway provider for Startup Web App in India?