How’s the bulk sms service of

How's the bulk sms service of (Requested on Quora)

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Well, I have personally not tried TextGuru services
(PS: I work at 2Factor, who specializes in OTP and Bulk SMS messaging gateway developments )

But, As you are looking for OTP Verification use case, do consider if vendors you are evaluating are offering below features or not.

  • SMS Aggregator OR Reseller Or Direct Connectivity:

    In India, about 95% of the messaging service providers are re-sellers or some of other messaging vendor. It is not bad to be a re-seller but such cmpanies do not have a control over choice of operators or routing logic, leading them inefficient at times.

    Bulk sms vendors are responsible for pushing your messages to the operator end & then the delivery is taken care by operators.

    However, there is a lot engineering involved in message submission part. Also operators which are provisioned matters a lot when it comes to OTP use case.

    Explaining the whole engineering logic is bit difficult here, but do remember to check if vendor is offering DIRECT connectivity with at least Vodafone Or Airtel operator

    ( write me at to know further hints )

  • Fail-over Handling:

    Even the best operator / sms gateway fails, so what matters is how exceptions are captured.

    We at 2Factor have a custom module developed to handle delivery failures in real-time. Our fail-over handling logic is tuned to re-route messages via backup operators in case primary operators are unable to deliver the OTP.

  • SLA In Place:

    How much time would you be fine waiting for OTP ( before getting irritated on delayed delivery ? ) If you can not wait beyond few seconds, how would your users be?

    Before considering PRICING point, check if messaging vendor has any delivery SLA in place or not. By saying delivery SLA, i meant to check a simple thing

    ‘What is the guarantee that message would be delivered within X seconds, and what is message is not delivered’

    When you ask for Guarantee and Compensation on breaching the guarantee, most sales guys would start giving you a story “The delivery of sms actually depends on XYZ factors and …..blah…blah” 😉

    If sales person is not confident in selling his own stuff, well you should think twice before going with such vendors.

    There are about 2–3 % messaging companies in India, who offer SLA based OTP delivery ( Needless to say 2Factor is one of them 😉

If you are still finding difficult in finalizing the messaging vendor for OTP use cases, shoot a mail to me at and I shall help you with building a reliable solution.

You may also try our speed test demo at

How's the bulk sms service of