Can Bulk SMS gateway help in promoting business?

Can Bulk SMS gateway help in promoting business? by Rahul Am

Answer by Rahul Am:


Certainly Yes, Bulk SMS, Social Media & Email marketing have been most commonly used mediums to reach new audience and engage / up-sell to existing customers.

However, researches show that BULK SMS CAMPAIGNS provide far better returns over the later two mentioned.

Here is a beautiful info-graphic by slick-Text putting additional light on “Why Bulk SMS Works Better Over Email & Social Media “

Bulk SMS works better for the simple facts, that

  1. It Offers Greater Reach:
    Lets forget about researches done, just think about how many people in your society have Email accounts vs Cellphones?

    Cellphone wins?
    Thus for business, whose emphasize is on reaching wider audience, SMS proves as first choice

  2. It Delivers Targeted Content:

    Out of 100% emails received, how many emails do you read completely? rather, ask yourself why do you skip reading part of mails received? Is it because they are too lengthy or too much formatted at times?

    How convenient it is to read 10 SMS vs reading 10 mails? Don’t you find SMS content more convenient to read and understand?

  3. It Is Cheaper:

    In India, you would find several bulk messaging companies offering dirt-cheap bulk messaging solutions.

    I would recommend you to check with below bulk sms gateway providers

    1. 2Factor – Bulk Messaging
    2. Msg-91
    3. Plivo
    4. Twilio

Now that you have read the complete answer, don’t you think below 140 character text is more powerful and engaging over several lines article above?

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Can Bulk SMS gateway help in promoting business?